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Planting suggestions for low growing plant in dry conditions

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Ok, I have this strip planting (perhaps 1.5 foot wide) along front of the house. It's a hell spot by nature, due to facing south, with wall behind it, and I believe it *may* be only a shallow filled pocket of soil vs free and open to the rest of the soil in yard. There's a sidewalk bordering it.

It was originally cannas (when I bought the house), which were totally out of place leafing out over the sidewalk. It took two years to rogue the cannas out on the house facing half, the cannas still have their way on the other half of it, but that's out of the "traffic" area.

I planted it with (and this is in order starting with farthest away from front porch),

Malvaviscus arboreus var. drummondii (turk's cap mallow), Clinopodium georgianum (Georgia savory),Tephrosia virginiana (Goat's Rue), and various Arilbred Irises (which appreciate heat and drought), I have a STENARIA NIGRICANS (prairie bluets) tucked in, hoping it seeds across the bed. There's a few spare plants here and there, like echinocereus baileyii (cactus) and Phemeranthus calycinum (fame flower). I have a few bulbs tucked in here and there give early spring interest.

There's a a big open spot, which had a penstemon (but which gave up the ghost during a long summer rainy period), so the question is...can you suggest a relatively low (no more than 1.5 foot) plant to take up that spot. Must be able to take heat and drought, and not try to ambitiously conquer the bed. Pluses would be either good color or attractive foliage for long season interest. Obviously I prefer natives, but the arilbreds are certainly not native :) I have no preference as to season of flowering (if it does flower)

So...I want a plant that flowers all season long (all year would be better), with attractive evergreen foliage, handles heat, drought, and occassional heavy prolonged rainfall. But you know, I'll settle for the plant that looks good at some time and can handle the last three (climatic/positioning). Amaze me.

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