Lead Paint-covered Artifacts from Our Home Reno


I saved accent pieces from two grand porch columns that used to adorn the front of our house. The columns were replaced in our major renovation a few years ago. I'd like to place them indoors as decorative souvenirs. They have spots of flaking lead paint and also bare spots.
What's the best treatment for them in order to make them safe to have around? Thanks for any thoughts.

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If it's flaking badly, probably best to scrape that off. Do that outside and avoid sanding. If it's not too bad you might be able to coat it with a clear sealant like polyurethane varnish. If they are just to look at and won't take any abrasion, this might work. You can put on more than one coat to strengthen it.

Obviously if you have small kids you want to make sure they aren't exposed, so put them somewhere that they won't be tempted to touch them and peel bits off.

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