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Variegated Monstera Albo Variegata cutting help

Bernard Peng
6 years ago

Looking to this massive knowledge of this forum for some help.

I recently purchased this mostly white Variegated Monstera cutting which I've only had for a week. When it arrived barerooted, the leaves were a little beat up but the stem looked healthy & the roots looked good. I promptly planted in Al's 5-1-1 mix of bark, moss, & perlite.

In the week I've had it, it's sat in a West facing window. I've watered it twice, tilting the pot & using a wick to draw out any remaining PWT. The brown edges have continued to expand. The brown spots feel soft and not dry crunchy. I am at a little loss as to how to stop the brown edges from spreading...

1. Do you guys think this is mechanical damage, overwatering, or light issue

2. If/When the brown takes over the leaf, is the plant totally lost or will I still be able to get some new growth out of the remaining stem which has 2 nodes (pic 3).

Any help would be greatly appreciated! See below for pictures...

This is what the plant looked like once I replanted

This is what the plant looked like a week later (i've trimmed off some of the brown to see if it would stop, it has not...)

Here is a picture of the stem. The seller I believe cut off one of the petioles

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