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What's causing these small yellow spots on my Oro Blanco leaves?

Patti Sano
5 years ago

I got an Oroblanco grapefruit tree this year and planted it in a pot, because they have to be wintered inside. It gets too cold in the winter here for them. I live in northern Arizona. I have it on the patio. I water it roughly twice a week, more when it was really hot; it got to 114 in late June. It has been doing relatively well, but I recently noticed some of the leaves have small yellow spots on them. Is this a fungus? We did have a fairly wet summer. The foothills are still green. The monsoon season was wetter than last year. It was supposed to be a dwarf tree, but the tag didn't say that. I thought maybe it was the water. I water it with the hose bib near it.