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Kitchen Cabinet Color? White, dark green or clay?

m ml
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

The former owners of our house put in a mosaic back splash. We painted the kitchen ceiling and walls simply white before we moved in.

The floors are clay tile, the wood beams are dark - and the knotty pine cabinets clash with pretty much everything.

Until we fully redo the kitchen we are painting the cabinets to tone things down...

We could go with simply white, but it occurred to me that dark green and clay tile orange are also options ( to match the mosaic and the clay tiles). Any feedback appreciated.

My dh wants to go the white route which would definitely be the easiest but let's be honest, it's an eccentric kitchen so it's not like we are completely to completely change it's style without more renovation.

Pics attached.

FYI - The picture colors are showing lighter than the actual colors. The green is closer to a forest green than the green in the pic..


PS check out the creepy doll face in the backsplash.. : )

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