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How would you fix? RTA cabinet: Chestnut Pillow--Experiences

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I've been around Gardenweb build and kitchens for a long time. We did a lot of remodeling 4-9 years ago (in 2 phases). I had temporary tenants in my house this past year, and their dog chewed the fronts of 2 of my RTA cabinet doors/drawer fronts. I'm so disappointed! We move back next summer, and am sad about my cabinets' damage.

2 questions: Calling Joseph! How would you repair face damage to cabinet door? I'll see if I can attach a picture in a followup post.

I had ordered replacement cabinets from CabinetMania (which, is on Houzz, as well as other places, and has multiple locations--at least Wisconsin and Florida), but after a screw up with the credit card charges (they charged twice--once through WI, once through FL, which they aren't able to reverse and are requiring me to go through my CC to have the case reviewed), they are now only taking e-check. Given my experience thus far, I am questioning sending them money by e-check, where there is limited consumer protection.

Has anyone had a good experience with them in this group? I want to believe they will follow through, but having a hard time given my experience thusfar. Tenants surpassed their damage deposit, so it is left to be seen if they will actually pay up. Therefore I'm looking for an inexpensive option (and because they are RTA, apparently, I can't get just the doors or cabinet face with doors attached. Anybody want 3 cabinet shells and 24" and 12" drawers?)

I'm looking for replacement options for Chestnut pillow IKS cabinets. Does anyone in this group perhaps have some of these cabinets around they'd like to move? They were installed 4 years ago at my house, so, I'm wondering if someone is a dealer, or was a dealer with IKS, and is willing to sell. West-coast, or at least mid-west preferred, as all the other options I've found are east coast or south, and shipping is nonexistent or expensive.

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