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Fort Worth Autumn swap Forest Park October 21st 2017

Sylvia Gordon
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Since Trinity Park has marathon runs scheduled every Saturday in October, we are once again scheduled for Forest Park, which is south of I-30 on University in front of the zoo. By the 21st, we have a good chance for mild weather, and the 28th is a little bit too close to Halloween (there may be a lot of parties and small pedestrians running around the park on that day LOL). I will post signs, but it's very easy to find. Just take the road toward the zoo; the parking area and Pavilions are on the right. Wear comfy clothing, and you might bring a sweater just in case, maybe a hat and definitely some comfy shoes. Sunblock, bottled water, ice, and snacks for yourself or to share are all good ideas. Be sure to bring your camera phone or a camera, and maybe a notebook and pen. Little red wagons or garden carts make plant-hauling much easier. If you haven't been to a swap before, it's easy and fun. Bring healthy plants, seeds, labeled unrooted cuttings in water or wrapped in damp paper, not stuck into pots, freshly rooted cuttings identified as such in pots, garden art, garden books or magazines, Etc. If you are a new gardener and don't have anything garden related to share, you can still participate. Bring food such as cheese, grapes, baked goods (your own or from the deli), garden products such as mulch, hand tools, work gloves, vinegar or baking soda for stings, sunblock, (you can get all these things except mulch at Dollar Tree). There will also be some things that people just bring to share, such as my famous lemon mint, no trades necessary. Trades may be pre-arranged on this thread, but there will also always be lots and lots of trades to be made at the swap. If you do a pre-arranged trade, it's a good idea to put your trade partners items in a box with his or her name on the box to avert misunderstandings and disappointments. Trades are finalized only when both partners are in total agreement. Either partner can decline to make the trade-maybe your trade partner thought she would get a much bigger plant, or maybe your trade partner realizes that what you thought was a David Austin Rose is actually Mexican petunia. Don't let it faze you; misunderstandings happen, and you can always find a home for that Mexican petunia! It's a good idea to label your plants. I for one always think that I'll remember everything everybody has told me, but right now I still have plants sitting in pots and I can't remember what they are. An easy way to label them is to cut up old mini blinds and use pencil to mark them. Plain lead pencil is the only "handy" thing I have found that won't wash off. If you wish, you can put your name on it also, so that the person receiving the plant can ask you for advice if needed. I've started a few things, just the old standbys LOL, lemon mint, Mexican petunia, Inland Sea Oats, and a sedum that is similar to Autumn Joy but it has a pinkie orchid bloom. If anyone wants some, I will dig some historic Iris; don't know that I can identify any of them by name, and won't promise that I can even identify the color accurately, but I'll give it a try . I also have quite a few bog plants that need new homes. Don't know the names of all of them, but I do know there are Louisiana Iris and others.

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