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Weeping Cherry grows branches with different kind of leaves

6 years ago


I have a weeping cherry in my yard, likely over 25 years old and it looks pretty healthy except I noticed there are 3-4 branches, 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch in diameter directly off trunk, the leaves are very different from the rest of the tree - much bigger/broader(see attached picture)

The trunk is covered with moss, I am wondering if somehow a different tree's seed landed on and survived? Can I just saw them off? will that hurt the tree? these branches are kind of low, so even it's a cherry branch I'd trim them.


Picture 1: these leaves are bigger and broader.

Picture 2: where it comes up. left side are cherry's leaves, which is narrower. On right is the suspect, it's actually much bigger than it looks in this picture, twice the size.

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