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I think I have midge now, too

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Thanks to all the recent postings about midge, I realize my Tangerine Skies is not suffering constant sunburn, but midge. It arrived with several others from a vendor this spring. It had one bloom soon after arrival, but none since…puts on a lot of new growth that “burns”. I’ve never had midge here, so didn’t suspect that or know the signs…just thought it was growing instead of blooming and burned foliage was due to being too young to handle the excessive heat we’ve had this summer. I wish I had paid attention to the midge postings sooner. Now it has spread to two more of the new roses from spring. I have these in very large pots sitting on the ground amongst planted roses and such. The roses in the ground don’t seem to be affected yet and some other nearby potted roses are not yet showing signs. I was planning to plant all the potted roses this fall. Now, I’m not sure what to do. I’ve sprayed Bayer insect killer on the “burned”parts, then cut those off and put in Ziploc bags. I’ve sprinkled Bayer granule insect killer in the pots. I can put heavy mulch or a barrier around the soil in the pots, but will that make it safe to plant the roses this fall or should I wait until spring…or never? Should I treat the ground surrounding the pots…I really hate to put insecticide in the garden soil, but the potted roses have grown enough to branch out over the ground. I really feel Tangerine Skies came from the online nursery with midge. I’ve just recently started seeing issues with the other two, so those may have been clean initially…but due to my lack of treatment for Tangerine Skies, the midge have now found them. I’ve ordered from this vendor many times without any bug problem and even some that came from them at the same time as these haven’t shown midge damage. They are a favorite source, so I don’t want to be afraid to order from them…I guess it’s just as likely I’d get bugs from other rose nurseries, too?

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