Which exterior color option?

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

We had hail damage and need to repaint our house (and replace siding, trim, fascia, garage doors...). The first picture is the original front. The second picture is the siding color which we cannot change. It is a "cedar look" vinyl that looks like a rich brown. We also cannot change the trim/fascia color as the storm only got two sides of it, so we would have to pay to have it all replaced. Our roof has been redone and is pretty close to the color in the last two pictures.

Please help choose:

1) keep the original color scheme (even the green-blue garage doors)

3) wood-look garage doors, beige shakes, blue house

4) shades of blue house/wood-look garage door

My favorite is #4 but my concerns are that it's too dark and too much color, and that the siding is more or less brown - isn't it weird to have the whole front be blue? Thanks for any help! I also need to replace the light fixtures which got smashed in the storm. My daughter was able to photoshop them back on but I would be open to a new option.

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