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In the weeds: Vent hood, make-up air, and venting outside - help!

5 years ago

Been scouring the archives gathering information, but a little overwhelmed with all the options and could use some advice.

Serious home chef whose kitchen gets daily use, often for long hours in the day, as broths, stocks, and stews are common. Range will most likely be the LaCanche Citeaux (appropriately 59 1/4" wide). I'm in the weeds reading about range hoods, venting, and makeup air systems...

- Most likely we will go with a liner.

- Top priority is QUIET, keeping noise as low as possible alongside great function. (Living room is open to kitchen and kitchen ceilings are exposed timber frame under a gable roof.)

I've read a lot about Modern Aire, Vent-a-hood, Prizer, and others, but given our priority is sound alongside function, does one of these brands (or one I haven't listed) rise to the top?

For those of you who have a kitchen on the street-side of your house, how have you vented your range? For performance does it really need to be vented *up* and out? DH was thinking it could go down under house (it's elevated), but in my brief research, a 90-degree turn - much less the 180-degree turn needed to go down, is not a good idea.

Because of the timber frame, I am realizing that if it stays where it is and needs to go up and out, the vent would come up out of the gable, very strange on the front the house. And right now on the south wall/street-side a vent would also block the scissor truss on the wall above/behind it and be a very ugly long run up to the ceiling (which is likely going to be somewhere around 18-21 feet). So now I'm thinking the range is likely going to have to move to a side wall for proper venting. However, moving it to a kitchen side wall, really messes up my water-ice-fire layout learned on the kitchen forum. (Gah, I had no idea how much of custom construction is compromise and trade offs.)

And then to further dig myself into a hole, I'm reading/learning that over a certain CFM (which I'm thinking we'd quality for because of the large range?), we'd need to have a makeup air system... Do you vent that outside similarly to the hood - so no turns are ideal? Or could this go down under the house?

Are there any questions I'm not asking because I don't know what I don't know?

We've always been in rentals, so never had to think through these things. Thanks for any advice!

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