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How to match or make a couch look less green

5 years ago

I bought a taupe sofa that looked much more yellowy beige in the store, but now in my house it looks more grayish taupe with a strong green undertone. It looks almost olive in certain lighting. I want to find a light paint color for the walls that will not make it look greener. I have BM Dove Wing in the dining room right next to the living room. I believe this is a warmer white with a small amount of gray, so whatever color I do in the living room would have to complement this dove wing as well.

How do I go about complementing, but not bringing out more green in the couch? Do I need to find a yellowy color for the walls or do I need to stick with a green undertone to match the undertones of the couch? I need a quick 101 on undertones to find a paint color that will work.

I would appreciate any advice and names of paint colors.

This is the color I thought it was.

The cool gray pillow seems to make it look extra green.

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