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Kitchen help-layout set but need help with cabinet sizes and types

6 years ago

I asked for help a while back and got some good suggestions. Meeting with cabinet guy Tuesday.

New build log cabin that is already started. Not much can change at this point.

DH and myself cooking together most of the time. 2 college aged kids who come home on breaks and one or the other usually helps out.

Kitchen dimensions:

range wall: 21'-9"

Fridge wall-11'-7"

Sink wall-11'-7 inches but will probably only bring cabinets out to 11' but not sure.

Island-9' x 43", 15 inch overhang for seating, all one level, will have 2 legs.

Aisles measurements on plan are cabinets to island countertop:

( note range handle sticks out to 29 1/8")

Here's what I have so far. Help me fill in the blanks:

Fridge wall:

1. To right of fridge is hvac return. There will be counter on this section . I'd like to use this as a small drop area/phone charging area. I don't want an upper cabinet here but should I do open shelves or just leave empty?

2. Fridge-Counter Depth LG french door: 35 3/4(W)X 30 7/8(D) x 70 1/4(H)

3. I would like fridge cabinet with full depth upper.

4. To left of fridge-microwave shelf with cabinet above- micro-20 x14.5x11.5. Would want shelf a little bigger in case of replacement.

5. Below micro-toaster on counter

6. lower cabinet-bread drawer/snacks-not sure how big?

7. To left of toaster-coffee maker on counter with cabinets above for mugs, tea, coffee etc

8. Corner-Maybe super susan or void? Not sure.

Range wall:

range-48 inch bluestar platinum range

48 in venta-hood-I know 54 inch is ideal but we have had 48 inch and it works fine for us.

1. cabinets on each side of hood will be used for large spice containers, oils, vinegars

2. To right and left of range 30 inch drawer stack-30 inch warming warming drawer will go in 2nd draw slot on right. Narrow drawer on right for pot holder, trivets. Large drawers for pots/pans/storage containers

3. Would like drawer for spice jar insert for smaller spice containers.

4. need drawer for foils, wraps, plastic bags. Would love it to fit 18 1/2 in heavy duty foil if possible. If not no biggie.

Sink wall:


Sink base-36 inches

Left of sink-dishwasher-Bosch

left of dishwasher-garbage pull out

Uppers at end of run-drinking glasses, wine glasses, pint glasses

Note-I do not like hutches. The small counter in front tends to collect items and it drives me nuts. Prefer cabinet with full counter area below.


1. prep sink-uses 24 in cabinet

2. To left of prep sink-another garbage pull out


1. I would love to have everyday dishes in drawers but not sure where they can go. I'm only 5ft tall and get sick of dragging out a stool to reach dishes in uppers. Ideally they would go to left of garbage pull out at end of sink run but not sure the end drawer will be wide enough. I could do some in drawer with some on lower shelf of upper cabinet. Or is there another place they can go. Don't want them in the island where we would prep.

2. What is the best kind of cabinet for cutting boards and sheet pans. I do not want them above fridge-cant reach. Would a regular cabinet with insert for cutting boards/sheet pans work?

3. Have some baking items-cookie sheets, muffin tin, bundt pan, cooling racks, rolling pin.

4. We have some Le Creuset pots. They could go in pantry.

5. We have a few cast iron pans and carbon steel pans which we may hang on the wall in the pantry.

6. most small appliances-slow cookers, food processor, dehydrator, bread maker, panini maker will go in pantry. Vita mix on counter and maybe kitchenaid mixer on counter but where?

7. My moms china can go top shelf of upper cabinets since not used all that often.

8. knife block will go on counter.

9. Cleaning supplies under sink

10. Broom/swiffer-in pantry

11. Mixing bowls?

If someone could mock this up for me I would be grateful. I have tried to do it on graph paper about 5 times now and keep messing it up. I also don't know spacing as far as allowing drawers to pull out and needing fillers and what size etc.

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