We're Heading Back to the Oregon Coast!!! Suggestions Needed, Please

3 years ago
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A few years ago, DH and I vacationed at the gorgeous Salishan Resort on the coast of Oregon. It was everything I'd imagined Oregon would be and more (photo of it below). We've been wanting to go back again ever since then, and yesterday just decided to go for it. This time, though, we're renting a beach house on the coast with the most drop-dead views (through Airbnb). I've made all our reservations and we fly out next month.

Since it's about 30-some miles north of Salishan near Tillamook, but directly on the coast, we're not familiar with the area. I'd really appreciate recommendation for things to do and places to eat in the area, if you have any.


- Is Highway 101 that runs along the coast always slow and crowded, or did we just hit an especially busy, touristy time when we were there last in mid-August. DH is convinced that it would take him 1 1/2 hours to drive the 30-some miles down to play golf at Salishan.

- DH loves to golf, but last night he read reviews on the only 18-hole course near Tillamook, Alderbrook, and they are less than positive. Any local info about it would be very appreciated.

- Any good restaurants we should try . . . or ones to avoid?

- Any things to do there, other than roam that beautiful coastline and eat great seafood? Oh, and our beach house has a hot tub on the upper deck overlooking the shore. I can't wait to relax there in the evenings!

- What kind of clothes should I pack? Still Summer things, Cool Autumn wear, like sweaters, jeans and jackets, or a mix? This will be mid-September.

P.S. Oregon locals, your entire state that I've seen so far is drop-dead gorgeous! Portland has to be one of the prettiest cities, and the drive we took last time, from Portland, through McMinnville and down to Salishan was beautiful. We can't wait to get back to see more of it.

Thanks for any info or suggestions.

Salishan Resort and Golf Club from our first visit:

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