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Den re-vamp, what do you think of my ideas? (Lots of pics in comments)

6 years ago

Hi everyone! I'm looking to re-vamp my den area and make it a place that is nice for us adults, but can also be lived in by my kids. I have some ideas that I would love to run by you guys for thoughts/suggestions/opinions. ALL PICTURES ARE IN THE COMMENTS (Houzz kept deleting my post, so this was the only way for me to do it). The room is 32'x28' and the ceilings are 19' high. I have 3 young kids and a dog, and they all hang out on this room.

I was thinking of painting the walls Benjamin Moore White Dove to really open up this space. (My husband hates this idea and likes dark) If we paint the walls white, would the fireplace look weird since it has a black granite surround? If you like the idea of soft white walls, what color would you suggest I paint the molding? The same color but a different sheen?

I'm thinking of getting rid of the sunburst over the fireplace and replacing it with a giant abstract painting. Possibly a West Elm hack :)

We desperately need a ceiling fan in this space, and I've picked out one by Monte Carlo. It also comes with a brushed nickel center, but I thought the black would go better with the fireplace.

We are ripping up the wall to wall carpet and installing red oak hardwood, which will match the rest of the house. When we do this, we'll be refinishing all of our hardwood floors. We're trying to decide on latex (which will keep the floors light) or oil (a little hardier, but will amber over time). What do you guys think? I need a quite large area rug for this room and found two Stainmaster options at Lowes, which I would have bound.

Right now we have blackout honeycomb shades and I'm thinking of replacing those with bamboo shades (are those still "in"?) and light colored panels (Ikea has some nice ones).

The couch is staying for now, but I'd get some new throw pillows. We need a new ottoman and I'm thinking something with storage. We also need a new media console, but haven't picked one out. I'd also love some storage cabinets for toys, but I'm at a loss as to where these would go since every spot seems to have a window, or a floor vent, or a surround sound speaker. I'd love to add some plants, like a fiddle fig. My daughter is on the cusp of crawling, so I don't want to add any lamps for now, but we have 9 recessed lights so lamps would be more for aesthetic purpose anyway. What do you guys think of my ideas? Any other suggestions/recommendations for this room?

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