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Black bumps on various garden plants: scale insects?

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

The switchgrass I had growing in my garden was very floppy this summer so I finally gave up on it and cut it back. When I went to cut it down I noticed a fairly large number of black bumps on the grass, especially nearer to the bottom of the plant. Looking around the garden, I noticed these black bumps were on other plants too: some on the big bluestem, some on the irises, some on the lilac, some on the hosta, some on the forsythia. All the black bumps I can find are on leaves or green stems of grass. I haven't seen any on anything woody.

At first I thought they were bugs, but they seemed to be stuck on the leaves. Then I thought they were droppings of some sort (from what?). Searching the internet, it seems they might be scale insects. Can anyone help me identify these things? And what should I do about them?

A small album of photos is available at .

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