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Something missing from tiny entryway...

6 years ago

We don't really need additional storage, the bookshelf is more than adequate for items that need to live in this area. I just somehow I feel something belongs in that space under the stairs besides just my husbands slippers... "Homeless" things like to gather there and look cluttered. The bookshelf is actually centered relative to the end of the wall and where it would become taller than the incline of the stairs. It's a very short hallway/wall. I used to have a chair here, but we never used it (again, just became a parking spot for items that needed to be put back where they actually went). Don't want to move or replace the bookshelf, just figure out something to go in this spot. We already have a basket for scarves/hats/gloves, a basket for umbrellas, a basket for shopping bags and a basket for hubbies wallet and stuff over on the bookshelf. Don't want to risk shoes that have been worn outside on the carpet, so not willing to move the shoe rack.

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