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Paint or stain trim? whole house 60's modern remodel

Dana D
6 years ago

These forms have been so helpful throughout our process I wanted to see if I could get some advice.

Our painter botched our stain job on all of our new trim we were trying to match to our old trim. So we are left with the choice: paint everything or pay a lot more to get everything sanded and re-stained. If we re-stain, there is still risk that it won't be consistent, and that we won't be able to completely undo the shoddy work. In the photos, there is a mix of new and old woodwork, the issues are less apparent until you see it up close, where you can tell is cloudy and blotchy and not prepped correctly.

Our house is an architect designed true MCM (which we love) so we've been careful to honor the original design and style of the home during our entire project. We took down two walls (opening up the living/dining/kitchen) and expanded the master bath. We have a mix of white and walnut cabinets in the kitchen and are re-staining or original parquet flooring to be more of a gray/brown. We have some beams and light bars/light coves that are stained, and no matter what direction we go with the door trim, window trim and baseboards, we are going to leave those stained.

So the question is - painted for a more modern/clean look or is it worth the extra $$ to sand and re-stain everything (likely including the original woodwork for a good match). If painted, should we go white or keep with the same color family of the current stain?

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