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Scabby brown spots on succulent

Mei Ramos
6 years ago

Hello! Recently I purchased these succulents and repotted them. It didn't feel like they were getting enough sun from a window due to it being shady most of the time so I moved them to a brighter windowsill. They stood there for two days and I tested the area before hand and it didn't become hot at all, there was always breeze. I noticed these dark scabby looking spots today and I'm unsure of what's causing them. There were some there when I bought them, maybe 3-4, but now I felt like there's a lot more. :(

Also, one of my plants looks wet even though it isn't if that makes sense, like there's dark shiny spots that weren't there previously nor have I touched the leaves.

I'm unsure if it's worth to mention but when I bought these, there were a few tiny bugs, around the size of two grains of sand, but I changed the soil and tried to make sure there wasn't any left.

I'm pretty new to this and it may sound silly, but what are some examples of direct and indirect sunlight? I'm having trouble thinking of the best possible spot for them. Thank you in advance for all your help!

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