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Pope John Paul II, grafted and remarkable!

Moses, Pittsburgh, W. PA., zone 5/6, USA
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

My spring (2017), planted PJP II's third flush is blooming right now. It is probably grafted on Dr. Huey. I got it on Amazon, probably from Hirts...can't remember.

At only 16" high, the 9 blooms are 3.5" to 4" wide. I am in awe of this rose's vigor and beauty.

I expect a good 4th. flush come the end of September, and if fall is mild, a lesser 5th. flush right before Thanksgiving.

PJP II has no black spot at all. By contrast, the minis planted around it are 1/2 defoliated due to BS (back in the saddle spraying these little rascals I am, after a lapse of a month...boy, does poor care show immediately with minis).

Wth all its praises, voiced by so many who have had success with PJP II, I can only say, " I concur."

So many reports of PJP II being a dud up North grown as an own root, prompted me to get a grafted one. So far, the grafted version appears to be a good move for me, and perhaps for you who have had an eye on PJP II.

Now, additional PJP II bushes, if any, will all be grafted in my garden, and hopefully on multiflora rootstocks to see if multiflora makes a difference here in W. Pennsylvania.

BTW, PJP II is the only grafted rose currently growing in my garden.


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