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Sanity Check on Electrical Quote

6 years ago

We are in the process of a complete remodel (down to the studs) and small addition. Our house was built in 1932 and is in need of complete rewiring. The house is currently 2,100 sq ft and 2,600 sq ft with the addition.

We received a electrical quote through our GC for removing the old wiring and completely rewiring the house that seems very high to me. We are located in Wilmington, NC.

$18,500 for removing old and installing new electrical (includes canned lighting, undercabinet lighting, no decorative light fixtures)

$1,000 for temporary electrical

$2,500 to "convert" electrical

So, basically $22,000 for ALL electrical work (subcontractor charge only, not including contractor margin). Further, our GC is warning us we may go over budget on this item.

This quote seems VERY high to me. GC claims they received mulitple quotes and this was the lowest. I'm strongly considering asking GC to get more quotes. Would appreciate feedback.

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