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Window options: windsor vs marvin integrity and 2604 vs 2605 coat

6 years ago

We are building a new construction with contemporary design. With our budget and deed restriction to use clad wood windows, we have 2 final selections, Marvin integrity and Windsor Pinnacle Clad contemporary. We like Windsor because of its contemporary profile and the window looks very well made (we are not a professional so we said what we saw). Marvin dealer is working very hard to get our project and they offer a very competitive pricing. The pricing end up about the same.

Any comments between these 2 windows?

My second question is that we have 99 windows for the whole project and Windsor quote for 2605 coat is $2,000 more than 2604. Is it worth it to pay extra for a better coat?

Any comments are very much appreciated.

Thank you :)

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