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St. Augustine Dying

5 years ago

Hello -

We live just north of Houston and I am having issues with my St. Augustine. My back yard is dying at a rapid rate. We have sprinklers and my watering schedule right now is every other day for 10 minutes a zone. However, I have had the sprinklers off for two weeks due to the rain we've been receiving.

I fertilized in the spring, and have used granular pesticide once about a month ago when the initial problems started.

I have checked the roots for rot and they se

em okay. It's not "easy" to pull the grass blades out. I have not checked for chinch bugs with a coffee can, but crawling around today, I could see little critters crawling. They were very small black bugs, and I just saw a couple. I also found a few worms in the grass sections I inspected. Not sure what type they are or if they're good/bad (I will research).

Anyways, I am relatively new to the south and would not like to have to re-sod. I have ordered a liquid pesticide, and have fungal liquid pesticide. Also, two weeks ago, we moved some dirt across the lawn with a garden tractor (X360) and a trailer. I'm wondering if I have a fungus and it was spread with the JD tractor.

I am not sure if I should fertilize, use fungicide, use pesticide, corn meal, or a combination?

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