Novice Remodeler - need help with big kitchen remodel!

4 years ago

My wife and I are buying our second home as we had no kids in our first and now have 2 small girls (3 and 1.5 y/o). We are buying a larger home that is 3,000 sq ft (single story) and currently is 5 bed/ 3 bath (5th bedroom is really just an enclosed old formal dining room that was made into an office). My plan is to really open up the kitchen and have it be part of the dining room/living/seating area. I am hoping those more experienced in this can weigh in on cabinet storage space, main appliance location, and really any comments are welcome!

I have attached the original (current) layout vs what I envision as the remodel.

Sorry for the crude/poor quality images, I have not used Sketchup prior to this. The green solid would be a regular refrigerator (36" depth and 36" width). Countertop height is at 36" w/ standard 24" cabinet depth.

Thanks in advance!

These are the plans I have come up with, any and all feedback is welcome.

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