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Planting yucca on a steep slope

5 years ago

I have searched for images that might answer this question, and come up dry. As dry a the steep slope on which I would like to plant my new variegated yucca. My question is, will it grow vertically, like an exclamation point, or perpendicular to the slope? It is now about a foot tall, if that makes a difference. I find that my flexible plants, like nepeta and spirea, are forming mounds fairly perpendicular to the ground, but the stiffer plants, like caryopteris, are growing vertically. A peegee hydrangea tree I transplanted very young is arching (attractively IMHO) downhil now that it has blooms, and I was not going to restake it. Should I be thinking about this as I fill in the slope, or just assume they will all take a harmonious and natural form with time?

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