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New bareroot cymbidium needs potting. I need advice.

I need to pot a cymbidium I recieved bareroot from online which seller says must have been in a 2 inch pot but the root system is very long and I can't imagine it could have been in a 2 inch pot unless it was a deep one. It has 1 psuedobulb and one growth. The Seller says it should go into a 5 inch pot but the stiff thick roots would be 1/2 inch from the bottom of the only 5 inch pots I can find with the psuedobulb 1/3 buried. This ceramic pot has a 1/2 inch round hole. There are no orchid supply places around here to get deeper pots from and due to bare roots I need to pot It now. I have put it in a bag with moist bark over roots and so far the roots look OK. I read cybidiums grow poorly if roots can't grow straight down. Would bark in a 6 inch pot stay too wet too long? I don't want to rot the roots. I've never used bark for my few orchids before so I don't know how it acts. The 6 inch pots are 6 3/4 inches deep and have 5 large holes so drainage would be much better.

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