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Tile Demolition Dust Damage

6 years ago

We asked our contractor to be sure and put up a barrier to prevent tile demolition dust from getting into rest of our house. His employee put up a plastic barrier but taped it horizontally thus dust billowed out in between each strip, plus it had a hole in plastic. I was outside and was not aware of this until just before the end of demolition. My house was covered in white dust. (Contractor did send 2 people over to clean 2 days later.

I was unaware that I should have turned off our air conditioning. Thus we have that dust still 9 weeks later coming out of our vents. We will be having our air conditioning ducts cleaned after remodel is completed this week; however, I believe the contractor should pay at least a portion of the bill for cleaning ducts.

Is this expectation reasonable?

We have had multiple problems with this contractor... for example here is a small portion of issues:

1) Tile installed improperly with major lippage, debris in grout, varying sized grout lines - Removed and new installer put in tile at contractor's expense

2) Appliance garage installed crooked, unable to correct. Had it removed and not going to have one

3) Wrong granite installed. Multiple reasons given, it appears fabricator had similar granite to what we choose and they tried to recoup some of the loss from replacing tile. - Removed and Replaced

4) Handles on cabinets not level. - Fixed by my husband

5) Faucet Handle hit granite backsplash! - Dealing with it as is.

I could go on and on... this has been a nightmare. After the backsplash is installed tomorrow, we will owe final payment. I know we owe the money, but I believe contractor should pay for at least a portion of cleaning our air ducts. THX

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