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Why does my Duchesse de Brabant never look happy?

Lisa Adams
6 years ago

I am about at my wits end with the Duchesse. I've had her for several years, and grew her from a band size. FWIR, she looked fine upon arrival. She grows and blooms just fine, but the foliage just never looks healthy. The leaves droop and curl like a taco. She has random yellow, spotty leaves here and there. The bugs like her a lot too, but I'm assuming this is because she is already stressed. She is in full sun and receives enough water. I was certain spider mites were the problem, so I have been blasting the entire bush with water about twice a week. It did appear to help somewhat. That was started a few months ago though, and things are still not right. I gave her some mineral powder (Azomite?) several months ago as well. I do not spray. Here are some pictures. This has been going on for a year or two, and I thought I was in "Prime Tea Growing Territory". Thanks, Lisa

There is nothing inside of these curled up leaves. I thought maybe each one contained a cocoon or something, but no.

See how the leave color is just off?

The bush overall grows and blooms fine. No other roses in my garden have this problem.

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