Big office design dilemma - office design experts needed!

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hello Everyone,

I am supporting our desperately needed office remodeling and setting up a showroom in the main area of the pictured office.

The big thing in the middle will be removed along with the "receptionist's" half-wall on the far right side. The office will get white paint on the walls and a gray/green accent carpet. My company colors are white, gray, magenta and green (bit less intense then the houzz green), that need to be considered along with modern design but it does not need to include all of the colors. It should also be attractive to visiting customers, be bright, modern, professional and "high end" looking but a bit on a budget.

I am planning to provide two design concepts for the central area:

1. Product and company display will be installed onto the walls (posters, products, TV,..) with a common/collaborative area in the middle, however this area needs some sort of acoustic isolation from the cubical and offices around it but needs to remain open. Possibly sitting but most likely standing arrangement.

2. Product display in the middle area on some sort of a divider/shelves where products can be installed (larger size like 5ft wide, 2feet high) combined with the collaborative area. Some company information and products will be displayed on the wall.

Also looking for some ideas to inexpensive way to replace the lights in the entire office but could use some nicer design in the middle area (maybe some wooden drop-style ceiling?) over the collaborative area.

I am overwhelmed with the choices and options available. I think the overall office design trend moving towards natural aspects and environmental support would be great implementation ideas.

I would appreciate your input and ideas. I have seen some fantastic suggestions in the group on other rooms. I am a frequent visitor on the houzz website/emails.

I appreciate any help! Thank you so much!

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