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More....transition strips for existing engineered floor. Look awful?

Cindy C.
5 years ago

OK - my dilemma has been posted elsewhere and I am still investigating options. One of which was to screen and re-coat my damaged area in the front foyer and see how much better I could get it to look. I did that, and actually the second photo looks super-glossy because it was just coated a few hours ago and is still drying. It will look more like the first photo when it dries. The damaged area looks 100% better already. It will never look perfect, but unless somebody is looking or you look at it in just the right light, it is not terribly visible. I can tell that even before the poly dries.

The estimates I have gotten on doing both LVT and new engineered wood are more than I really want to pay right now. I would be covering a 1300 sq. ft. surface area and would require a lot of sub-floor work to get the floors even in several rooms (thus the transitions you currently see). And I think I have been swayed to NOT put LVT over the hardwoods. While I saw some great ideas on re-doing the foyer in another non-wood material, I just can't get past the fact that I really, really want wood :(((

I am thinking since the damaged area looks very much improved, AND I am looking upwards of $15,000 to get what I want with new wood floors, I am thinking of just living with what I have. Would I like a new color and brand-new no dents, dings, and scratches? Yes. Enough to pay $15,000? No. And moving out to do a full sanding and refinishing isn't an option. The transition strips still somewhat bug me, but to outside, objective observers (those reading this board), do they really look BAD? Would really appreciate some unbiased thoughts on that. I am thinking I need to just accept what I have.

Thanks to all who respond and who responded to my earlier posts as well.

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