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house remodel with a tight budget, any help would be appreciated

6 years ago

We recently purchased a 1960s house that is in good condition, but the style is rather old as expected. Lots of honey oak cabinets, wood trims, low ceiling, and carpets carpets carpets. Since we are working with a tight budget, some of the work will be done by ourselves, which isn't a lot since we have no idea where to begin.

We will be removing all the carpets and will put in new flooring, hopefully a lighter grey brown shade, wide planks. Will remove all wallpaper and paint the house white or another bright cool toned shade possibly. Maybe keeping the wood trims and honey cabinets? Not sure yet, any feedback or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

As for hiring contractors, hopefully it will only be for remodeling the bathrooms and kitchen slightly, maybe knocking down a wall or two if it's within our budget. And replacing some windows to bring a bit more light into the house.

I apologize if this post is all over the place, we really have no idea where to begin, thank you all in advance.

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