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Need advice for a 1960s ranch - maximizing space!

5 years ago

Hey everybody-

Need help brainstorming here...

My wife and I are recent, first-time homeowners. We bought a pretty awesome 1960s ranch last year, 2 bedroom/1 bath. Great yard, great neighborhood, and freshly-remodeled.

The one downside is that it's very, very small: just a hair under 800 sq ft. So was the price tag, and with the remodeling done it seemed like a perfect first house.

We bought it with our eyes open, knowing that someday we'd either need to finish the basement (bone-dry space just begging to be finished) or do an addition if we wanted to stay long-term. For now, we'd like to do the much more cost-effective basement route.

Here's our thought: we could finish the basement, adding a nice family room and second bathroom, and then use our existing living room (on the main floor) as a dining room. Right now we have a dining space that houses no more than a few people comfortably. Actually, not even all that comfortably...

Any feedback about this plan, or tips for making our basement living room not feel like a basement?

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