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Week 146 - How did your pet influence your kitchen design?

6 years ago

Pictures please. I've seen some wonderful photos of GWers kitchen with their pet. There's one whose cat beautifully matched her cabinet and counter. The cat disappears when she's on the counter.

I know Anglophilia made changes for her pet.

Did your pet influence your design? Did you make changes just for them? Or color coordinated?

As I wrote this topic, I realized that unconsciously, I did mirror my pets, although they are no longer with me. My uppers are the exact color of my beloved Samoyed and all the light perimeter counter choices that I gravitate to matches the coloring of my cat, Miss Cindy.

She was named after Cindy Crawford for her beauty mark. As a rescued abandoned cat, she was suspicious and shy but she loved posing in front of mirrors and on surfaces.

Here's a cute setup for dogs.

Can you identify this dish?

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