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Sub Zero, Viking, Monogram, Kitchenaid Refrigerator… advice needed!

6 years ago

Hi! We are doing a full kitchen reno and are having a difficult time deciding upon a refrigerator.

We need a minimum of 28 cubic feet, I far prefer side-by-side, and we want to go with a counter depth/built in. We want something that will last as we intend to stay in this home through retirement (18-20+ years).

Our initial pick was the Kitchenaid KBSD618ESS which is 29.5 cu ft. I’ve had Kitchenaid before, my current has lasted 19 years. However, I’m concerned about the current quality of appliances now.

My husband and I have tossed around the idea of a panel ready, although the Kitchenaid panel ready version is rated very low – something I don’t understand as it seems to be the identical refrigerator as the stainless steel model, rated fairly high.

Recently we’ve wondered if perhaps since we already intend to spend a great deal on the counter depth Kitchenaid, we might look into other higher end brands. Below are those which pretty much fit our wishes and are also panel ready:

Sub-Zero BI48SO 28.3 Cu. Ft

Viking Professional 5 Series FDSB5483 29.1 Cu. Ft

Monogram ZISB480DK 30.1 Cu. Ft.

Monogram ZIS480NK 29.9 Cu. Ft.

- if there are other brands that meet our needs, we are woefully unaware and would appreciate any help!

I’ll add the following: I understand the concept of not overspending for your neighborhood, and frankly, I don’t think anyone in our neighborhood has a Sub Zero or Viking, and perhaps not even a counter depth or built in. Our home is older, and mid-sized. We’ve no desire to impress anyone with a refrigerator – this would strictly be for our enjoyment and use – and longevity/quality. We appreciate quality and utility, and have spent ‘above’ our area prior, where it met our needs.

I also understand when we say we wish to stay in a home through retirement, we can never say ‘never’ as regards to a later need to sell. However, barring something catastrophic, we don’t intend to move in the next 20 years.

Our other appliance choices are not what I assume most would consider ‘high end’, we do not care about appliance matching, and are more concerned with finding appliances that meet our needs. The dishwasher and range will be stainless steel, the vent will have cabinetry.

Any advice on these brands – we are frankly unfamiliar with higher end brands (or any others that have 28 cubic feet or larger built-ins) - as regards longevity, ability to repair, and convenience of options would be most appreciated.

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