new dental office soffit color decision...Help!

4 years ago

new dental office, architect designed treatment rooms with soffits, designer picked color schedule but wasn't aware that the soffit continued inside the rooms. The hallway side wall of the room will have some dark blue textured wallpaper and the soffit above it is to be dark blue. However, the soffit inside the room is continuous and the painter feels it should also be dark blue. The designer says it will bring ceiling down so not to make it dark blue, but where/how to cut off the accent color? The painter has painted it both ways in one of the rooms for comparison. The second picture is standing in the hallway looking into two of the rooms, one with soffit dark, the other with it wall color (sorry for poor quality, I had bad lighting). The last two photos show examples of other offices from the hallway side of the wallpaper/soffit area. Any input as to if the soffit should by dark, or wall color? If wall color, how best to end the blue when the soffit continues?

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