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Parking Space Design Help Needed!

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

We purchased our home about a year ago and one of my favorite features has now become a struggle! The front of the house has a nice green yard with a pretty good sized gravel pad running between the grass and road (we're in a neighborhood but relatively rural- not a busy street by any means)

I'm looking for something we can do to keep our neighbors away from it! We have some neighbors who park there (I believe for shade - because they have plenty of space of their own) and then in the winter (we're in Montana) our neighbors across the street plowed all of their snow into a huge pile under the tree.

I like the idea of adding a simple split rail fence but I was originally thinking it would go along the grass and now I think that would only encourage other people to use the space. When we bought the house we thought the space would be nice for parking vehicles (as kids get older) but we really don't need to right now and I like just having it open. We added gravel to it last fall and I just like having a little barrier between the yard and the road.

Anyone out there with a similar situation or suggestions? (Don't get me wrong, I can always talk to our neighbors but I feel like it should be common sense!)

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