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What do you think of this idea for a load-bearing wall? Will it work?

5 years ago

Some of you have been kind enough to provide me with ideas to address my kitchen remodeling concerns. I am here to pose another question and hope the drawings I made with help illustrate what I am asking. (My other post is HERE.)

Here is my current load-bearing wall with the fridge placement:

Kitchen Remodel Floor Plan · More Info

So I have more space in my kitchen, I am thinking about recessing the fridge (I don't think I want a counter-depth fridge), removing the pocket door and opening up the doorway, like this:

Kitchen Remodel Floor Plan · More Info

I would bump into the dining room about two feet (I rarely use the dining room), add shallow pantries facing into the kitchen and then cabinets/built-ins facing into the dining room. I may even add a cabinet perpendicular to the fridge facing into the door opening so I could store cleaning items there but also to improve the transition between the two rooms.

Do you think this would work? I am hoping it would be aesthetically pleasing, open up the walkway in front of the fridge, provide some storage in both rooms, and cost less than putting a full beam in. Is this structurally possible? How do you think it would look?

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