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Ungoogle-able lemon leaf problem? (1st time lemon/any tree owner)

5 years ago

Hi, I've lurked around this forum for a short time looking for solutions to any issues I found similar to my lemon tree. However yesterday there has been a drastic physical change on my lemon that I haven't been able to find information even using Google!

Yesterday two older leaves turned bright yellow from the stem up through the veins leaving the fleshy areas dark green and one of them pulled off easily. Today I discovered about 4 more leaves going through the same change and all in the lower canopy of old leaves. None of the photo examples on nutritional deficiencies looked like the leaves on my tree :(

Some information about my tree's history: purchased June 18 • fertilized half the recommended amount for container plants using Dr. Earths 5-5-5 on June 25 • staying in original nursery pot 8 inch diameter • no pruning done by me as of yet • manually watered or got rained on every 4-6 days or so • watered with a bit of very diluted liquid gold twice (about 10:1) then rain flushed the soil a couple days later.

The top growth has been very light green since the day I bought it until now and started to show signs of bug attack a couple weeks ago (cuts here and there as well as raised bumps/light stippling). I also couldn't find a graft or bud union nor a crown flare so emailed the nursery it came from (Record Buck Farms) and they asked me to send photos. I dug away some soil when I read that some nurseries will bury trees too deeply. They never replied after I sent them photos of the trunk and roots. I found a root that looked like it flares but it was an inch below many skinny gangly protruding roots and a green branch that seemed to be pruned against the trunk.

Then we had a huge rainstorm on July 7 where I forgot to move the tree the night before and I found it the next afternoon leaning very far, almost laying on its side! I had it loosely staked with 1 skinny stake and saw that it and the tree was not strong enough on its own after the incident (or the stake was too puny) so I've replaced the old one with 2 thicker stakes and elastic fabric loosely holding the trunk.

Sorry for such a long post. I've seen people asking for more information about the tree and conditions from other posts to make it easier for them guess at the potential problem/cause. So I've laid out most of its short history.

I'm assuming the leaves are changing and close to falling off the tree due to the storm winds that blew it over on July 7 but it didn't show any signs of major damage until now. But the tree is also due for another helping of fertilizing so I'm not sure if it's mainly the roots being damaged or not enough fertilization or both? I've never grown anything in my life besides a couple tiny cacti which has done well and one even flowered. Does it usually take 1-2 weeks for signs of doom to appear? Oh and I never covered up the gangly roots I exposed when I found a root flare underneath them. I had planned to cut them off like one of the other posters that went through the same process so the tree might've been making new roots lower down for some time before that rainstorm. My guess is that they buried the tree too deep causing only lateral roots to develop high above the trunk which made the main root ball/system too short and weak but I'm far from an expert on trees.

Any tips, comments or questions are welcome! Sorry again for such a long post.. and have mercy on me with the gardening wisdom. I'm one month in to the tree gardening life and interested in knowing as much as I can to have a lifelong lemon partner.

*the unidentifiable leaf yellowing

*full view of tree 4 days after it got blown over

*one of the most badly attacked leaves (pic also taken 4 days after the storm)

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