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Help needed with mirror and backsplash in bathroom

5 years ago

I have two remaining decisions to make for our bathroom remodel and I’m at a loss. Would you please help? I need to decide where to position the mirror and what type of backsplash to use, if any.

Backsplash: The countertop is laminate so we couldn’t really have a backsplash part in laminate. So do we add a backsplash or do we put the mirror all the way down to the countertop? All the way down might look nice but water will always be splashing on the bottom part. However, I’m not crazy about backsplashes…

If we do go for a backsplash, I’ll want something very neutral that doesn’t attract attention, and I’m not keen on lots of grout above a sink. Are there any alternatives to tiles? And how high should the backsplash be? It’s amazing how much I’ve hummed and hawed over such a small strip of wall!

Mirror: I want the mirror to fit the entire length of the countertop. I’ll have our previous mirror recut (you can see it in the one picture). I’m wondering how much space to leave between the top of the mirror and the light box? Is there a standard?

If the mirror were to go all the way down to the countertop, would the top of my current mirror be too low from the light box?

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated!

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