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Glass stair railing walls not tall enough

5 years ago

We purchased a condo 4 years ago and then got transferred out of state. It's now sitting empty and we opted to do some updates (all permitted) before selling it. Thanks to a nosy neighbor who complained to the city about some noise (associated with permitted work), the inspector did a major dive into our condo and it turns out there was a ton of work done 10-15 years ago without permits. And now we are having to spend a small fortune to bring it all up to code before selling. Grrrrr.

First issue is the stairwell guard walls. The condo is a multi-storied modern unit. There are two flights of stairs directly on top of each other, and the guard wall on each is tempered glass that is only 36" high. It needs to be 42" to be to code.

Any inexpensive clever ideas to extent a 36" glass guard rail wall to 42" without being ugly or competing with the minimalist invisible look we currently have?

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