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July 2017, Week 3, General Garden Conversation & Harvest Talk

Good Morning and welcome to the start of another work week. I hope everyone's weekend was wonderful.

So, here we are in the dog days of summer. Just think, y'all, if we can get through the next two weeks, then guess what? August will be here and, normally, early August brings us the hottest weather of the year. So, that's all I've got---nothing to look forward to, weatherwise, just heat, heat and more heat.

This is the time of the year when the heat drives us indoors, but also often drives pests into our gardens. I don't worry much about pests at this time of the year unless they are present in huge numbers and are doing irreparable damage to plants that still are producing well. If they are on old, tired plants that I am not emotionally invested in, then I just ignore them. That's not much of anything that would make me spray a broad-spectrum pesticide anyhow, and it is much too hot to be out there hand-picking any pest of any kind. At this point in time I don't think there's any plant in the garden I'm invested enough in to make me stand there and hand-pick any pest off of it. Maybe the fall tomatoes.

I'm going to water the front garden this morning. Other than that, I have no big plan except just trying to stay cool. Maybe I'll harvest. Honestly, at this time of the year, the name of the game is to stay cool and avoid snake bites. If I can do those two things, then the garden and I will limp along, quietly and with as little hard effort as possible, through the next 4 or 5 weeks of insanely hot weather while waiting for the late summer/early autumn cooldown to arrive. I hate this time of year except for all the yummy fresh hot-season food coming into the kitchen. Oh, and the butterflies. We've had butterflies all summer but the numbers appear to be increasing daily. I guess we finally have the hot weather they thrive in.

What's new with y'all?


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