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Please help us plan the layout of our L-shaped living/dining area

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hi there! We're moving into a beautiful apartment in San Francisco with views of the downtown skyline from big full-length windows in the living room. This is our first apartment together, and we're starting from scratch in terms of furniture. The thing is that the living room has a bit of an odd layout, so we're scratching our heads trying to figure out a good plan for what furniture to buy and where to place it. We'd love your inputs! We're trying to solve for the following: dining area

  • in front of the kitchen
  • thinking of doing a 6' x 3' rectangular 6 seater

living area

  • seat 6-8 people
  • give at least a few people a good view of the skyline which is beyond the patio
  • my wife and I like to watch TV together now and then, so placing a TV on a wall that faces some of the seating. But TV viewing only needs to be optimized for 2 people, not for group viewing.

I've attached a video walkthrough of the living space, as well as a floorplan and some photos. Thank you very much!

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