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The (Cunningly Photographed) Summer Garden

I haven't posted pictures lately since there's not a whole lot to see, and it took some ingenuity not to include the many lackluster parts, but it felt good to be walking around with a camera again.

Blush Noisette with blooms and lots of buds in only morning sun

Mme. Antoine Mari is constantly blooming but the flowers burn very quickly

Potter and Moore stands up well to the sun and heat

The reblooming irises, especially the blue ones, continue to produce blooms

A carefully framed and edited view

Le Vesuve has begun a new bloom cycle

The crape myrtles have almost outgrown their space with not much room left for roses

This area badly needs to be cut back but that may not happen until fall

Blush Noisette, Gruss an Aachen and Wild Edric

View in the opposite direction

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