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Need help with new house/add on

6 years ago

We are building a home in Tx and I need some help. We drew up our floorplan with architect and started construction but didn't keep in mind we were building/adding on the garage ourselves as soon as the house is finished. I put windows all down that side of the house in the bedrooms (oops!) and the mud room door to outside is between those windows and now I'm not sure how to put the garage. Detached of course is fine, but If I put it to the side even detached, you'll still look out those windows and see a wall haha Will that really look so bad if I get creative and do an overhand and seating area?? What if I put the garage beside and behind the house so when you look out those windows you still see pasture? Then what about the walkway to the mud room door and overhang? Will it have to be some crazy maze? Any ideas, advice welcomed!!

(the side I'm talking about is the side with the port-a-potty in front)

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