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How to screen a patio mostly made of metal?

Lily R
5 years ago

We bought a condo with an above/below-ground porch, which is covered because it's the ground-floor unit at the back of a brownstone. There are concrete posts and a metal roof. In the picture below, you can see that the previous owners covered the concrete walls in bamboo, and they installed roll-down bamboo shades. Behind the shades, there's a wide metal mesh (like a chain-link fence) that does little to block dust or bugs.

I'd like to take down the bamboo, because it blocks all of the light and breeze, breaks easily, and collects dirt (I've already taken it off the walls, because that was in particularly bad shape). How can I screen in the above-ground portion? Could I put grommets in the corners of screens to basically hook them into the corners? Is there a power tool I can rent that's strong enough staple screen fabric to concrete posts?

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