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Large clock above TV A/V area?

6 years ago

We just redid the AV area in our living room ( I know that some of you will be immediately repulsed when confronted by large speakers when decorating, but I'm a music/thome theater guy). We are having a difficult time deciding what to do immediately above the TV. It's a large expanse of wall to 12 ft up and then vaulted to the 2nd floor. Curtains/rods were changed since this photo to ones with browns/reds. We will eventually repaint, but stick to a lighter neutral color. My wife and I both want to keep a clock in that location above the TV. We were thinking about a single large clock to fill that space and I wanted to get some opinions on if people would think that would work.

Of the hundreds we've seen, we like the look of this one best, but at 37" would it overwhelm the space? Should we just go a smaller clock and get some other items to decorate/ frame around it instead? Does the style of this clock go with the room? Open to suggestions. I'll try to get a better pic of the space above the TV later, but this is what was handy. Hidden from view is an identical window to the one on the right. The two windows frame the space that the AV center is in.

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