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Best garlic types for the mid south (DFW)

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I have niece that lives in Fort Worth that put in her first garden this year. We were discussing various gardening things and the topic of garlic came up. She would like to plant some garlic this fall and I offered to give her some seed garlic from my Kansas CIty area garden which consists of all hardneck types. Mostly German White, Spanish Roja, Siberian, Estonia Red, Chesnok Red, and Purple Glazer.

Now after I've thought about it, I'm not sure these would do well in her garden. Does anyone have any experience growing any of these hardneck types in OK or TX?

I am tempted to tell her to try to find some locally grown garlic at the farmer's markets down there so they will already be acclimated to her climate and growing conditions.

Dawn I know you have plenty of experience gardening in the area. What types would you recommend that she try to find and grow? Any tips on good farmer's markets to look?

Also when would you recommend that she plant the garlic this fall. I was thinking early Novmember.

Thanks for your help!

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