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Please share your thoughts and suggestions on swimming pool tiles

Our swimming pool installation project is well underway (obviously still need to do some major landscaping, which is coming after the pool itself is done!).

We need to select a tile for the water line. I am trying to create a natural swimming-hole feel to the pool so any suggestions would be great.

Here's the in-progress pool pic (obviously the water fall also needs to be stoned still, as well as the top of the hot tub. And please excuse the green water, the filter cannot be run until the tile is done because the water level has to be low so they can tile).

Here is one option I am considering.

The tile up close:

It also comes in a grey.

Do you like either (and if so, which color). Do you have any other suggestions? I was also kicking around maybe doing a pebble mosaic but thought it would likely be too busy:

Here's the yard area right next to the pool and we'll be doing similar landscaping in the area behind the pool that is currently a muddy mess... just so you can get an idea of what the finished area will look like (in case you haven't seen it already)

So, what do you think? My suggested tile (in which color) or any other thoughts on what would look good?

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