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Need help picking out a garage and front door color and style

6 years ago

We bought a fixer upper and the whole thing needs a re-haul. Our immediate project is to replace the garage and front door. I am leaning towards black for both doors, in a minimalist style. The windows will eventually be replaced with black trimmed windows, again in a minimalist style. I think I will eventually get rid of the shutters and the round window above the porch and replace it with a rectangular single pane window. The porch roof and railing will also be replaced (could use advise regarding the porch roof too, same style more modern or complete redesign).

Things to consider: the front of the house gets FULL sun light and we live on a busy street (why i'm leaning towards zero windows on entry door).

Here are some doors (our door contractor resells Clopay products, a picture of the front of house and a close of up the brick. My questions that too much black? Should I do different colors for the garage and front door? Too modern/minimalist for this style house?


Our awesome fixer upper

Close-up of brick color(s)

Garage door idea

Front door idea, door would be flat/single panel front door (no windows) with 2 full sidelites

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