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decorating family room and living room


We have our first new home ( its 35 yrs old) and need to buy whole new furniture.

We have living room space ( good size) right at the entrance and no doors to shut away from rest of home.

Then family room, kind of hidden away from main entrance. I need some decorating ideas before I buy something big.

I will have family room as "everything" room with sofa, TV, kids corner, toys, activity table. I visualize of adding leather sofa (coffee shade most likely :-() as lighter is risky with kids) and poufs / beanbag / yogibo / may be a futon. Love seat may be not.

I do not prefer leather sofa but my husband is bent on it so I think it would be right to keep in family room, instead of living room. Family room wall color is slightly dark, yellowish with dark brown fixtures.

My old sofa peeled out within few years and that too when I did not have kid. Now I have superman toddler who spills, dig holes whereever she finds space.

So for living room( again good size), we will put fabric one in neutral shades ( light grey) so I can play using colorful decor and have 1 - 2 accent chairs.

Any suggestions welcome.

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